unhappy planet (powersparkles) wrote in xiangoth,
unhappy planet


the last couple of months have been an interesting time for me. i mentioned in my previous post that i had a relapse with my psychosis around christmas-time and had to spend almost a week in the looney bin. as difficult and painful as life's been, i've had the opportunity to prayerfully reflect on the last 7 years of my life and have new insights.

being apart of this community has been an integral part of my spiritual life. i found it on a cold december day as i was drowning in guilt and confusion and torment about knowing what and who to believe. i'd had a conversion experience not much longer before joining, had some negative experiences in christianity's darkside of legalism and fear-based religion and here i found a light shining in dark and scary places.

i remember reading cory's essays about grace and felt lots of heavy burdens floating away. it was a breathe of fresh air to see christians that had pretty much the same struggles and questions i had and in our common searching we really did see moments of grace and peace shining through.

i'm in as much pain as i ever was and probably moreso... but my memories here are fondly reflected on and with them i'm finding healing.

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