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it seems like every spiritual tradition these days has a strong feeling that the world will "end" in 2012, if not some kind of major shift in "spiritual consciousness."

a lot of the new agey kind of thinking is that we're entering the "age of aquarius", when everyone will have the opportunity to cultivate a "higher consciousness" and experience total unity with each other and with God.

as nice as this sounds, my personal feeling on the matter is that it's naive and unrealistic and denies the reality of evil in the world. as much as i'd like to believe that humanity can somehow magically transcend all barriers and sing kum bah yah together under the rainbow, i really don't think that we're any more "evolved" than we were 2,000 years ago. the holocaust was only 65 years ago. that's not such a long time ago in the grand scheme of things. i believe that we're just as capable of showing brutality now as we were then, or when the roman citizens beheld chrisians being fed to the lions or gladiators fighting to the death and called such sadism entertainment.

i feel like the same depravity exists nowadays, but only in much more subtle forms. it hasn't gone away, but we've done a good job of putting a bandaid over it. often i wonder what would happen if all of the police officers all over the world quit their jobs and all of the electricity everywhere went out.

i don't mean to sound like a bitter and cynical fundamentalist or conservative talk radio host, i guess i just feel disillusioned with all the "feel good" spirituality when i know that somewhere on this world at this very moment, someone is showing extreme brutality to another human being.

as the same time though, it's refreshing to see that we've been overcoming things like racism and sexism and homophobia.

i guess that as a christian, i feel like we always have glimmers of hope in all the good that's also happening in the world at this very moment. i suppose i've adopted the worldview that humanity isn't really any better or any worse than we've always been, but that we're now reaching a boiling point as our resources are stretching thin and the systems we've made to keep us locked inside our false sense of security are being threatened.

so i think of the temple being ripped down the middle during the passion, i think of the corrupt systems falling apart. i think of satan's empire of greed, cruelty, ruthlesness, ignorance, and emptiness crumbling down, and i sometimes feel the collective fear rising to the top as we see our idols are being exposed as the useless idols that they are. on the bright side, though, in our own fallenness and brokenness exposed we're free to seek God in a deeper spirit of repentence and turn away from all our bullshit as we realize that we're incapable of saving ourselves from ourselves.

i don't know. maybe i'm just being really self-righteous. i'm just ranting, really. the older i get, the more the idea of "leaving babylon, that we be not partakers in her sins" makes sense to me. but this doesn't mean we become bitter; if anything, we should grow deeper into love lest we become blind to her and not see hope when it's standing right in front of us.
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