indnor (indnor) wrote in xiangoth,

respecting another persons religious beliefs?

Is it even possible?

My coworker recently was telling me about in Matthew, where Jesus says he is coming back, and how we should be ready for him. It lead to an interesting discussion about how I used to be xian, but no longer am. I found it very hard to respect the fact that he believes it, because I see so many flaws in christianity. I have had several similar discussions with friends and family about religion, and every time is has been very hard to not try to 'convert' them to agnosticism or atheism (I fall somewhere between the two at the moment), because now that I'm really getting outside the religious box, I'm starting to see how much of it is ... off. My family is xian, as are several friends that I keep in contact with, and it's hard to try to relate to them and continue to be their friend without either trying to get them out with me, or feeling defensive when they question my beliefs.

Does anyone here have experience with this? EIther in the same shoes as me, or relating to family/friends of a different religion than yourself? How did/do you cope with it? Any pointers for me, or others who are dealing with similar situations?
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