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xiangoth is an offshoot of XianGoth.Net.

About Our Community:

XianGoth.net and xiangoth are more than just a web site, a list of resources, a library of essays and a soapbox for anonymous individuals to express themselves. XGN is an intentional community of the underground counterculture gathered together for the express purpose of nurturing and supporting each other in developing our mutual and sincere journey with Jesus the Christ.

We are a community built from a diversity of backgrounds: lifelong Christians and those of no religious affiliation, those with worship communities and without, Protestants and Catholics and Evangelicals, homosexuals and heterosexuals, bisexuals and transgendered, Goths and Punks, Rivets and Metalheads, disabled and able-bodied, people of all nations and races, believing and seeking. Because of this diversity, we have often found ourselves on the fringes of mainstream Christianity. Many of us have been injured by negative religious experiences and interactions, suffering frustration, humiliation, judgment and even spiritual, psychological and physical abuse from individuals considering themselves Christian.

XGN is a community free from this injury. It is a community where we are free to be frail, vulnerable human beings in need of healing. It is a community where we are free to discuss fruitfully and to grow together, humbly seeking the best for one another with the understanding that we kneel together at the foot of the Cross as the beloved children of God. This is a community that lives by God's supreme Love and Grace, free to live and learn and laugh and cry together through all joy and all sorrow, with humanity, understanding, compassion, respect and most importantly, love.

Joining this community is not simply a matter of signing a form. It is a covenant, a sacred trust. Like any true Christian community, you are not an anonymous face, but welcomed into a fellowship of love and reconciliation. Here you are free to be vulnerable, uncertain and questioning; you will be supported and nurtured without being either coddled or condescended to; and there will be no expectations of you except to participate in the life of the community and to honour the foundations and principles of this community.

If you feel yourself unable or unwilling to honour the intentions of the XianGoth.net community, then we respectfully request that you reconsider joining us. Those who may irreconcilably disagree with or be offended by our theologies, lifestyles, sexualities or viewpoints are asked to restrain any desire they may have to "correct" our community, since this action invariably compounds the needless injury many of us have already suffered. Because of the openness and vulnerability of this community, extra sensitivity and vigilance is paid by the moderators to ensure the spiritual and emotional safety of the community members.

However, if the intentions of this community do resonate with you, then we eagerly encourage you to join with us in this shared journey of faith. We pray that we may be a nurturing presence for you, and that your presence be a nurturing one for us. God bless you and amen. - Cory (on behalf of all XianGoth.Net staff)
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